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I am an 18 year old filmmaker, who has a passion for telling important stories that challenge the way we look at ourselves and our society, through unique and underrepresented perspectives, tackling issues of social justice, feminism and societal perceptions amongst others. I received my first film commission as a writer/director at the age of 16 for UK Channel 4’s ‘Random Acts’ with my short film ‘Pas De Deux’, which tells the story of a wheelchair dancer, and is currently on the festival circuit, garnering a number of award nominations. My second commission came soon after from US Mental Health organisation, ‘Art With Impact’, for my film ‘Walk of Shame’, which tells the fragmented story of a sexual assault survivor. I have also worked on a number of freelance projects (music videos, commercial shorts and social media content) for brands such as ‘Fairtrade HK’, ‘Sleeping at Last’, ‘Downe House School’ and more. Alongside this, I have been making video content, short films and edits for around 5 years and hope to continue for many many years to come, and to make an impact on the world through film!



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