Forest Nymph

This photo shoot was inspired by Ophelia from Hamlet, pre-Raphaelite paintings (specifically John William Waterhouse’s), and Greek mythology. In contrast to Ophelia‘s flat, passive, and naïve character, I’ve created a character that is two-dimensional and worldly. I also really like the idea of nature goddesses, or nymphs, so I tried to incorporate that same enchanted and playful feeling into my photo series. Unlike the over-sexualized depictions of women commonly seen in art and the media, nymphs are ethereal and carefree. The nude and slightly sheer pantyhose the model is wearing creates the impression of naturalness and purity and the careful placement of the flower petals convey a sense of modesty and connection to the earth.

Perhaps this series is another iteration of the play where Ophelia is in touch with her divine feminine and isn’t consumed by self-doubt and toxic-masculinity. Still, she is yearning for something more…

Project Tags

art, photography, portrait