Film Essay (Castro)

“I just saw her a moment ago sitting under the shade.
On the phone she was planning a weekend escaped.
Just as much as I do, she deserves to get out of this dragging, emotional-demanding city.
I sat by her side and tried not to cry as I vaguely confess to her a few details of my last short and failed romance with a guy.
In a spontaneous moment I decide to spend the rest of the activity time into going to the Castro, to the spot where she and I once sat down to chat and I had called it the most cinematic moment of my life. Yes, right here, in this bench. New Year’s Day and a dancing man in roller skates wishing us the best.
I go to the flower shop, standing outside wondering if I should or not do this. Inside, I do not know what to do. I’ve never sent flowers before, now imagine if I do this to a boy… Would he be offended? I decide to leave and give it another day of thought…”

The footage of a film essay in which I gave live narration for a Master's class back in film school.